Are you stuck on using those top100 vote sites to find the coolest private WoW servers to play on? You know, the ones that use a voting system to determine which WoW servers go on the top of their list? Yeh those. The top list of crappy private WoW servers... because the top private WoW servers shown on those top100 sites are obviously using cheat programs to get votes and stay on top. It's not because of their 'uber' private WoW server. Have you ever registered for the #1 WoW Private server on a top100 list and been disappointed once you logged into their server? Yeh.. we know all about it. It's pathetic to say the least. Well we're here to solve that problem.

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Find the best WoW Private Servers here at No voting, No cheating, just straight forward honest reviews! We list the top 10 best private WoW servers of each expansion!

By our reviews, these are the top WoW Private Servers.